Gillian McIver

I’m a writer, filmmaker and artist. I began making underground films while studying History at university, simply by picking up a camera and shooting. Then I went to film school and art school.

me, exploring the beauties of Lisbon!

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I love to write about cinema, art and interesting places.

I wrote Art History for Filmmakers: The Art of Visual Storytelling (Bloomsbury Press 2016). It’s the first book of its kind, both a rich journey into the history of art and film, and a practical guide to using visual art from the past to stimulate and enrich contemporary filmmaking.

My most recent film as director is “Taking Over The King’s Land” (2014), about an artist’s project to cover a condemned East London estate with murals.
I co-produced the documentary “Image Matters” (dir. Rozy Sarkis, 2012) a feature documentary about the culture of cosmetic surgery in Lebanon.
I worked as camera operator and also participated as a performer in the acclaimed feature doc “Estate A Reverie” and the short “Towards Estate” both directed by Andrea Luka Zimmerman (2015).

Passionately inspired by Urban Exploration, I co-founded the site-specific live art group Luna Nera and directed the short film “Postindustrial Baroque” (2009) which explores the exciting abandoned urban spaces the group worked in. I run the website and in 2018 I co-hosted the symposium ART AND THE URBAN in London.

I have curated many exhibitions and I ran the East London gallery and screening room STUDIO75 (2010-2013).

Please use the menu to find out more about what I do and have a look at some of my work.

Have fun!