I am a FILM PRODUCER, producing documentary Image Matters RT 80 mins 2012

A FILM DIRECTOR, directing (and producing) documentary Taking Over the King’s Land (RT 27 min) 2014

and a FILM ARTIST, with many films made for single screen, installation and gallery exhibition.

I have also made many films from commissions, from portraits of artists to documentations of projects and promotional videos for clients. I wrote the screenplay for Zippo (dir RV Williams, 2011)

still from
Taking Over the King’s Land

Taking Over the King’s Land

Produced and directed by Gillian McIver
DoP Jaime Armengol
Sound Design Max Krook
Editing Alessandro Ugo
Colour grade and additional cinematography Stefano Battarola

My most recent film as producer-director is the 2014  documentary Taking Over the King’s Land (23.00 min RT) about the biggest ever solo street art project in London. 


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Image Matters 2012 dir Rozy Sarkis

Image Matters

Feature documentary

Year: 2012
-Running time: 50 min
-Director: Rozy Sarkis
-Co-Producer: Gillian McIver
-Editor: Jonathan Stirling
-DOP: Ziad Chahoud

In the midst of war, they indulge in a shopping spree. And in between all of this, they always make time for a visit to the plastic surgeon. Image Matters is a thought provoking feature documentary directed by Rozy Sarkis inspired by the bizarre world she has witnessed around her while growing up in a wealthy village in war-torn Lebanon.

With the spotlight on Marinelle, a popular Lebanese soap-opera actress, Sarkis follows the story of a 40-year-old woman with an insatiable desire to transform her face in an attempt to regain the lost beauty of youth. Standing as a stark backdrop to the family drama, is a country that is going through its own upheaval with a wider picture of instability and uncertainty rearing its ugly head.

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